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Admission in Riverdale High School starts in March-April Month of every year. Students interested must apeear for Oral and Written entrance test.

Smart Class is an interactive electronic board, supported by a computer, to teach subjects with the help of 3D images and animations.

Find here, datesheets, mock papers, data bank, etc through the year useful for students and parents. You can download to your desktop PC

Riverdale is offering variety of subjects for the students from class 1 to 12. As per the interest, students have choice to select the subject

Our Staff

The Staff of its kind

The teachers of Riverdale are dedicated to prepare hardworking and responisble citizens with a sense of integrity and honesty with a spirit of adventure, exploration and creation and to make children aware and appreciative of Indian history, culture and traditions, whilst being open to ther cultures and alternative views of the world.